Two Modules Down and Too Many to Go

I’ve been at this for nearly two weeks. Let me explain a little more about the website I am using to learn to code. It is called SoloLearn. This website is basically free education on various codes. You sign up, select the language you want to learn and the course will guide you through the rest. From some of the things I read, the code language Python was something that was a good thing to start with as a beginner. I selected this as my course on SoloLearn. The course is broken down into various modules that grouped together in a progression that I assume leads to more complex actions down the road. For example, the first set of three modules are as follows: Basic Concepts, Control Structures, and Functions & Modules. After completing these modules I will move onto a second set of three modules. Then a third branch with a single module, and finish with a set of two modules.

Within each module are even smaller lessons with a few slides. The slides show a concept and explain it in very easy to understand language, then show an example of what that code looks like and how that code turns out. They then feature a “Try It Yourself” button that opens a new window and allows you to type in the code yourself so you can practice. You also have the option to download the Python software itself and do the work in that window as well. There are quizzes throughout the modules that test your ability to either fill in the correct code or to give the result of what the code should output.

I have completed two of the modules. Depending on how much time you dedicate and how easily you understand, I would estimate you could complete a full module in somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour. If you are like me and have no idea what is going on and you only work on it intermittently, it takes a little longer. The nice thing about these modules is that there are comments sections on the slide where people ask questions and others answer them. So if you don’t understand why an answer is what it is, there is usually a  helpful answer in the comments.

After completing two modules, I at least feel like I am understanding parts of what coding is and picking up on some of the terms. I believe that SoloLearn is a useful tool for a beginning schmuck like myself.


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